Experience: Innovation. Added value. They are the keys that have defined ARESA SHIPYARD since 1961, when under the name Astilleros Reunidos, the firm was incorporated in Arenys de Mar (Barcelona). The brand is dedicated to the construction, repair and maintenance, services and marketing of all types of commercial vessels up to 60 metres in length in composite materials and Marine Aluminium .


About Us

Over its 50-year history ARESA SHIPYARD has built up an extensive portfolio of projects in the shipbuilding sector that exceed over 1,200 fishing, surveillance, leisure , transport vessels, and services . The development of R & D has enabled the company to differentiate itself in the shipbuilding market, building products that have become industry benchmarks for their quality and innovative features.

Since its inception, ARESA SHIPYARD has set its sights on becoming a national leader in maritime construction and has done so thanks to the use of  high-tech systems. But the firm's success is also due to the experience and professionalism of its staff .

Throughout its long history, ARESA SHIPYARD has focussed on offering its customers value-added services that improve the firm's products and set them apart from the rest. This comprehensive service focuses on the implementation of service, maintenance and spare parts centres in the destination country, the training of crews, captains and mechanics, and fishery training of all kinds.

It is thanks to this experience and the complementary products and services ARESA SHIPYARD has consolidated its service offering internationally and has been present for over 20 years in 25 countries on four continents.