Product transport

The services of our company are designed to offer the best facilities to our customers. Therefore, Aresa Shipyard includes within its extensive services portfolio the transport of vessels to their final destination, whether in Spain or abroad. Deliveries are carried out in various ways:


Aresa Shipyard can contract for full or partial embarked delivery, organising all operations necessary as far as the final destination, any land transport links, customs clearance and the shipping documentation with the shipping line.


We hire specialized delivery crews to sail the vessels to their final destination at any harbour in the world. Aresa Shipyard can take charge of preparing the trip, hiring crew, obtaining permits for international delivery of products and manage free trade zones, as well as plan fuelling and supplies during transport


Vessels built by Aresa Shipyard can be loaded onto specially adapted trucks, and the Company monitors the route and unloads product to its final destination. Our commitment is focused on getting the product to its owner in the best condition, so we identify the best alternatives for transporting the vessels at the customer's convenience. Aresa Shipyard is responsible for obtaining the necessary permits, packing the product if needed, and all the necessary procedures for preparing delivery.