ARESA SHIPYARD is a leader in the international shipping industry with over 30 years' experience in the international market, and in the production and application of added value to products. Proof of Aresa's export capacity is provided by the fact that 90% of its production is sold on the international markets, and Aresa specialises in the implementation of government projects, such as military plans or fishery.

ARESA SHIPYARD provides naval products and services to over 25 countries worldwide, and is present in the international sales network in four continents:Europe, South America, Africa and the Persian Gulf area. Aresa Shipyard's adaptability and versatility is one of the key reasons why its products and services are widely accepted in the several countries in which it operates. Aresa's staff adapts processes and modus operandi to the cultures of each country or region in which it operates, so that the customer receives a product or service fully tailored to his needs.

Since its inception Aresa Shipyard has focused on innovation in its shipbuilding processes, using high-quality materials and the latest technologies, and on improving the services offered to its customers.

It has therefore developed a broad portfolio of products and value-added services that include the installation of a service company and support in the target countries, after the completion of the first project.

ARESA SHIPYARD sends teams of technicians to the country to carry out various actions, such as:


PRODUCT COMMISSIONING                    

LARGE-SCALE REPAIRS                                





ARESA SHIPYARD also works closely and thoroughly with brokers and Joint Venture companies that provide strategic commercial alliances. Thus, trade ties are formed locally that enable the product to be adapted to the various stages in the production chain.