Aresa Shipyard Presents Its Porfolio of Militar and Offshore Vessels in OPV Africa 2013

(30/08/2013, Lagos). Aresa Shipyard, platinum sponsor of Offshore Patrol Vessels Africa 2013 (OPV Africa) drew the attention of the 300 delegates from 41 countries that attended the this conference held from 27 to 29 August in Lagos, Nigeria, in which the company exhibited two of their vessels: ARESA 1200 Stealth RIB and ARESA 1200 Interceptor RIB.. The event was organized by the Nigerian Navy with the need for enhanced co-operation and collaboration to halt criminal activities in the African maritime.

Among the speakers, Pol Montolio, Chief of Naval Engineers of Aresa Shipyard, presented the advantages of using composite materials in OPV, which, compared to other materials such as aluminum or steel, lengthen vessels’ life, lessen maintenance costs and offer low emission signatures (magnetic, thermal and noise).

ARESA’s Military and Armoured Vessels Specialist, Tomeu Rotger, presented the latest technology materials and components integrated in ARESA vessels like: exclusive ARESA Stealth technology designs, Radar Absorbing Materials, Thermal Protection Systems and ultimate camouflage coatings.

Furthermore, Aresa Shipyard has agreements with the most reputable defence equipment manufacturers, in order to offer the client keyturn solutions that also include: worldwide full fleet maintenance contracts spare parts logistics, technical training courses.


Conference resolutions pointed out the need for a framework leading to better inter-agency and inter-navy information sharing among African states with the establishment of anti-piracy centers high on the agenda.

In addition, the necessity for collaboration to build capacity for multi-national patrols through the establishment of sub-regional maritime forces, sub-regional maritime doctrine and the sharing of existing infrastructure to enhance overall maritime security was highlighted as a take home for all participants.